3D Graphics + Animation

Breathe life into your next project.

3D Animation is the art of creating an object and making it move, act, and react within virtual 3D space. Form and function within a 3D environment is limitless and can be used to create cartoons, flying logos, motion graphics, visual effects, and anything else imaginable.


Previsualization can be any technique (hand drawn sketches, computer renderings, etc.) that attempts to visualize scenes before final products are created. Previsualization can be applied to any project: engineering projects, commercials, film, architectural projects, television, product design, interior and exterior home design and more!

  • High quality 3D graphics
  • Can be applied to any product

Character Animation

Character animation is the process of breathing life into a 3D model of an object, whether it is a human, animal, or talking car. Character animation is a specialized area of the animation process concerning the animation of one or more characters featured in an animated work. Character animation is artistically unique from other animation in that it involves the creation of apparent thought and emotion in addition to physical action.

  • Bring your characters and ideas to life!
  • Hollywood quality animation


A fly-through is a movie that is shown from the camera’s point of view as it moves through virtual 3D space. This movie gives the viewer a sense of what the environment might look like as if they were driving through the corridor in a car or flying by in a helicopter. A fly-through will take the viewer down a specific path, highlighting points of interest. This is one of the best tools available for communicating a concept, product, roadway, bridge, park, or corridor in a clear and effective manner.

  • Perfect for large scale concepts
  • Effectively communicates your concept from different angles

Portfolio – Images

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Portfolio – Video

SME Solutions Group Conference Video
Florida Hospital Center Ice Fly-through
Bug Master Commercial
Crash Recreation
Cypress Creek Fly-through
Florida Medical Clinic Ads
Zap Squad Trailer
Ghost Girl Clip
Junkyard Jimmy Clip
Bad Breath Lucas Clip
Shockwave Clip
Heinz Commercial
Office Concept
Scene-On-Glass Intro
Steroid Baseball League
Windfarm Animation
WSU: How to Use a Roundabout
Ambassador Bridge: Niagara Fly-through
Ambassador Bridge: Detroit Fly-through
Hillsborough Fly-through