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Digital Tap is an award winning creative studio located in Wesley Chapel, Florida and has been providing design services to local and national clients since 2008. We are a dedicated and experienced team of production artists with core competencies in graphic design, website development and 3D graphics.

We have extensive experience in creating and managing branding, designing various printed marketing materials, website design and management, 3D conceptual visualization/animation, and the design and production of presentation materials for public meetings and conferences.

Graphic Design

Create an identity. Digital Tap has a wide range of experience creating and managing creative projects for digital and print applications. Our team has led the design of hundreds of graphics for marketing campaigns, corporate identityrebranding efforts, presentations, project submittals, and public outreach activities.

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Web Design

Your website is a customer’s gateway to your company. As attention spans shorten and competition grows, it is crucial to quickly captivate your audience, maintain their interest, and keep them coming back to your site.

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3D Graphics + Previsualization

Breathe life into your next project or pursuit. Form and function within a 3D environment is limitless and can be used to create photo-realistic 3D renderings, motion graphics, visual effects, interactive VR applications, 360° renderings, infographics and just about anything else imaginable.

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Transportation Graphics

Worth a thousand words. The ability to show proposed roadway changes as opposed to talking about them is an enormous advantage for an audience who may not have an understanding of transportation engineering. We are committed to creating clear and precise graphics for any need.

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Digital Tap has a wide range of experience creating and managing creative projects for print, photography, video production, conceptual pre-visualization and branding/corporate identity. Our clients range from local 2-3 person small businesses to companies with over $10 million in revenue. Acting as the primary production house for our largest client and parent company, American Consulting, Digital Tap has led the design of thousands of graphics for marketing efforts, presentations, submittals, and public outreach activities.

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