A creative Studio based in Wesley Chapel

Digital Tap is an award winning creative studio located in Wesley Chapel, Florida and has been providing design services to local and national clients since 2008. We are a dedicated and experienced team of production artists with core competencies in graphic design, website development, and 3D graphics\animation.

We have extensive experience in creating and managing branding, designing various printed marketing materials, website design and management, 3D conceptual visualization/animation, professional photography, and the design and production of presentation materials, interactive and printed displays for public meetings and conferences.

Digital Tap also has considerable experience providing graphics and pre-visualization services for the transportation industry. These services include 3D modeling, before/after images, graphics and displays for public involvement activities, and project website design and management. Our transportation industry support also extends to interactive displays (used mostly for public involvement meetings), such as large touch-screens and websites, as well as VR experiences developed using Oculus Rift and Maya 3D.

Some of our clients include American Consulting Professionals, the Hillsborough County Planning Commission, AACSB\ICAM, Signarama, the Florida Department of Transportation, Center Ice, McGuire’s Outdoors, Tampa area businesses and many others.

Digital Tap has a wide variety of clients and experience. Our clients range from local 2-3 person small businesses to companies with over $10 million in revenue.

Your Creative Team

Artists of the Digital Tap team have won various awards and attained national and international recognition for 3D animation production, including winning multiple 3D animation awards for Zap Squad And The Sands of Time – Digital Tap’s first direct-to-video cartoon. With over 30 years of combined experience in the graphics, transportation, and entertainment industries, Digital Tap has the skills and creativity to get your business noticed.

David Ruth

Art Director / Lead Graphic Designer

Beth Daigle

Lead 3D Artist / Pre-visualization Specialist