September 27, 2013 digitaltap

Zap Squad and the Sands of TIme

Not your average kids next door

The creative minds at Digital Tap are proud to present Zap Squad and The Sands of Time – an action packed cartoon adventure about a secret group of super kids that protects the world from evil.

The self-proclaimed evil genius, Baron Von Vaughn, along with his sidekick, Shockwave, discover a magical artifact that transports them back in time to ancient Egypt. From there, Baron formulates a plan to enslave all of Egypt’s people, steal their treasure, and build and empire of waterfront condos.The energy surge created by the Baron and Shockwave traveling back in time sets off the Global Crisis Alarm, calling the Zap Squad into action. Each member of the team must work together to discover the Baron’s evil plot, raise money to build a time machine, chase the Baron back in time to ancient Egypt, and defeat him before he changes history forever!

Filled with action, adventure, humor, and spectacular effects, Zap Squad and The Sands of Time is a cartoon the whole family will enjoy!

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